On 30 September 2022, it was the turn of the Lithuanian Olympic Committee to organise the national workshop within the RINGS project. The seminar was part of the advanced training that the Lithuanian Olympic Committee is conducting on sports management, aimed at sports leaders and administrators of its member federations. 

Heidi Pekkola and Eva Rebmann from the EOC EU Office, opened the workshop with a presentation of the RINGS project. Heidi Pekkola then presented the Public Affairs Guidelines, which is a practical tool to guide NOCs in designing their public affairs strategy. The workshop then went on in Lithuanian, with a discussion with Elle Taurens, specialised on strategic leadership. The workshop gave an insight on strategic management and especially on the importance of advocacy work for sport organisations. In this regard, participants learnt how to approach politicians and how to get sport as a relevant topic on the agenda setting priorities of decision-makers. 

About the RINGS project 

The RINGS project, led by the EOC EU Office and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Sport programme, is running from January 2020 to December 2022 and focuses on the strategic management of NOCs (ie., change management, public affairs and communications, governance of NOCs). The last phase of the project is to organise national training workshops in each of the 11 partner NOCs. Each of them focuses on the specific themes that are relevant to the national context 

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