The national workshop organised by the Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation was held on 8 November in Breda. 

Following the presentation of the RINGS project and its main deliverables by Eva Rebmann from the EOC EU Office, the workshop focused on stakeholders mapping and management. Carlijn Mol from NOC*NSF presented how she and her colleagues have been using the principles of stakeholders’ management and public affairs for NOC*NSF’s framework document for the years to come, the Sport Agenda 2030.  

The second part of the meeting provided participants with the opportunity to test the RINGS Stakeholders Mapping tool, applying it to concrete examples that sport organisations can face. 

The National Workshop was organised in the framework of NOC*NSF’s Public Affairs Masterclass, which gathers representatives of federations in a group to coordinate Dutch sport’s public affairs strategy. 

About the RINGS project 

The RINGS project, led by the EOC EU Office and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Sport programme, is running from January 2020 to December 2022 and focuses on the strategic management of NOCs (ie., change management, public affairs and communications, governance of NOCs). The last phase of the project is to organise national training workshops in each of the 11 partner NOCs. Each of them focuses on the specific themes that are relevant to the national context 

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