Road towards Innovative governance of NOCs and Grassroots Sport organisations
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    Improve good governance of National Olympic Committees (NOC) in Europe through strategic and change management.

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    RINGS project takes the experiences of the previous governance projects (S4GG and SIGGS.EU) into account and aims at changing the governance culture of the NOCs in a holistic and sustainable way. Setting standards and good governance principles, was in the focus of the previous projects, but that is only a first step. For a sustainable change in sport organisations’ management, change is also needed in the organisational culture and mind-set, which is in the focus of the RINGS project.

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    NOCs face more expectations from external stakeholders than in earlier times. The number of relevant stakeholders to work with have increased substantially and the specific interest of the stakeholders are different depending on the topic in question which makes the governance and management of the NOCs more challenging than ever before.

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    1 January 2020 – 30 June 2022

General Objectives

The main objective of the RINGS Project is to modernise the strategic management of National Olympic Committees (NOC) in Europe with a specific focus on change management, relations with internal and external stakeholders and public affairs. The tools and outputs to be developed equip and support the NOCs in their daily operational management and thus improve their governance.

Specific Objectives

Develop a handbook on the strategic management/ change management to empower NOCs to better reach their goals in a constantly changing environment

A key outcome of the RINGS Project will be the development of a handbook on the concept of strategic management of NOCs in a constantly changing environment. This handbook will be very useful for the NOCs as due to the history and structures, based on volunteers and being not-for-profit organisations, as well as due to the evolution of the sport world, the modernisation of the management and structures is needed so that the NOCs and their member organisations can better adapt to the expectations of their members and provide services to answer the demand.

Develop a tool on stakeholder involvement for the NOCs

A tool on stakeholder involvement and work with stakeholders will be developed. For this purpose, relevant stakeholders will be identified and challenges analysed as well as good practices highlighted.

Develop guidelines on public affairs for the NOCs

The guidelines on public affairs focus on building good relations with and communicating towards decision-makers and other stakeholders. As a first step, challenges of public affairs will be analysed and good practices identified to develop the guidelines.

Organise National Training Workshops for the NOCs and representatives of their member federations, as well as to develop the educational material for these Workshops

Workshops on innovative governance will be organised in the respective countries of the consortium to reach, inform and educate the NOCs and their national sport federations.

Develop and launch an online platform on the strategic management of the NOCs including all the material developed in the project

The aim of this platform is to make the developed outputs publicly available to maximise the dissemination.